• Know your body better with Prestigio

    Use Prestigio Health Care Devices with Family Health Compass Application and easily track your body
    physical parameters on your smartphone or tablet

    Heart Condition

    Blood pressure
    Heart rate
    Irregular heartbeat (IHB) alert

  • Connect. Communicate. Collaborate

    A fantastic new collaboration tool for users to
    streamline conferences and meetings

    Prestigio Conference Solution improves work productivity
    and makes meetings exponentially more interactive.
    It enhances communication and collaboration with internal and external
    stakeholders, driving efficiency and yielding results.

    Put your thoughts on (electronic) paper

    Two heads are better than one and six are even better!
    Share your ideas and have your team brainstorm together
    in ways never before possible. Write, edit, and
    import files and improve your ideas to reach your maximum potential.

  • Teacher/Student Interaction

    The Prestigio Education Solution is designed to provide students and teachers
    with a completely paperless environment designed to engage students
    and encourage interaction. Students use only their Tablet PC yet the teacher
    can always maintain complete control of the learning process.

    A new era in education

    Prestigio Education Solution helps to establish interactive, wireless
    and productive interaction between teacher and student

  • Extreme Video Recording

    Record skiing, climbing, diving, cycling, running and other challenging activities
    with waterproof and shock resistant video recorders that come with
    a variety of mounting solutions

    Challenge yourself

    Record all the thrills of your extreme sports for the world to see. Prestigio makes it
    happen with wearable camcorders that record Full HD video and still digital photos.
    Get amazing video quality from the camcorder that mounts literally anywhere with a variety
    of accessories to help you record exactly how you want.
    It's not just easy to use, it is addictive.

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Gem Agencies is a prominent South African distributor of
advanced IT equipment.We listen to our customers and work
with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.


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Our vendors trust us to take their products to market efficiently and affectivly. We are first to market new technologies and ideas that are superior in performance and durability.


Double Duty MultiPad 7.0HD

Two cores for fast performance & a HD screen for a crystal view, the new highly portable 7-inch & 10.1 inch MultiPad Tablets driven by Android brings out the best of the digital world on-the-go. Learn More

Technical Sevices

With a full technical department dedicated to service quality and turn around times, we have a versatile mobile technical support team.
See Technical Services

Closed Circuit

Keeps tabs on whats important to you with our end to end CCTV System. Access your cameras remotely and see what your missing by not being there in person. Find out more