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Advanced IT Equipment and Support

Gem Agencies is a prominent South African distributor of advanced IT equipment. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.

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  • Prestigio Roadrunner 700
  • Prestigio Roadrunner 710
  • Prestigio Roadrunner 540
  • Prestigio Roadrunner 530
  • Prestigio Multi Phone 4500duo
  • Prestigio Multi Phone 5300duo
  • Prestigio Multi Phone 5430
  • Prestigio Multi Phone 5044duo
  • Prestigio Multi Pad10 Ultimate
  • Prestigio Multi Pad7 Primeduo
  • Prestigio Multi Pad10 ultimate
  • Sony Mini DV
  • Sony Camcorder

You name it and we can provide it.

You can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.


Technical Services

With a full technical department dedicated to service quality and turn around times,we have a versatile mobile technical support team that are equipped to handle nearly every scenario that the IT environment can produce.

They are trained to have the client’s data at heart, and will, in the worst of situations first try and protect it to the best of their ability. They will , on request, supply the client with their cellular number, and therefore form part of our 24h support network.

Our workshop is equipped to service and repair the most common peripherals and we have specialised service depots at our disposal for the more sophisticated repairs. We can also handle any non site related installations from our workshop where we fix the impossible and test the new.

Data Recovery

We specialize in - data recovery, data protection,data retrieval, data conversion, data investigation, data unlocking and even destroying of your digital data from server and RAID volumes, PC and laptop hard disk drives, backup tapes, CD & DVD media, non-volatile memory devices, MO media and almost all other types of digital data devices, irrespective of the condition of the media, including electro-mechanical failure, data corruption, virus infections, data deletion,formatted hard drives, lost data files or any other potential data threatening situation.

We gaurantee that all data recovered will be kept behind closed doors and destroyed after recovery and delivery to the client.